Start nu met een slanker en fitter lichaam voor de zomer!

Start now with a slimmer and fitter body for the summer!


GEZOCHT: 15 vrouwen uit Kralingen-Crooswijk e.o. voor de Back in Shape (8 weken)!

⏱️ Tijd om je klaar te maken voor de zomer en het beste uit jezelf te halen! Wij zoeken 15 vrouwen uit Kralingen-Crooswijk e.o. die slanker en fitter willen worden voor de zomer met het 8-weekse Back in Shape programma πŸ’ͺ.

βœ… Customized program
βœ… Slimmer and fitter for the summer
βœ… High-end personal training & small group
βœ… Motivating and supportive environment
βœ… Result-oriented training
βœ… Nutritional guidance


Start your Summerbody while you still can!


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What participants say


"Every week I continue to be amazed by the strength of my body, the perseverance I have and the steps I make."



"Just do what you have to do for it!" That sounds very simple, of course, but you will only get there if you have the right attitude for it.



"After a workout I always come back energized and with a big smile on my face. I feel more powerful and nice and fit. Not only in my body but also in my head."


Start nu het nog kan met jouw summerbody!

Start your summer body while you still can!

Achieve guaranteed results within 8 weeks with the Back in Shape program.

NB:Β there are still 7 places available.

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