Privacy Statement Enforce

This is the privacy statement of: Enforce, located at Eline Verelaan 89, 4906 JA in Oosterhout and with Chamber of Commerce registration number: 76874230. For questions or contact, please email

Where we refer to 'personal data' in this privacy statement, we mean the information you provide to us about yourself. Such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number. You do this completely voluntarily.

1. Purpose of processing and storing personal data
Your personal data will only be used to inform and contact you for what you have completed the relevant contact form for. The composition of the requested personal data has been adjusted per form in such a way that we do not ask for and/or store any information that is not relevant to what you leave your personal data for. Leaving your personal data behind is by definition completely voluntary. We distinguish 5 types of personal data that we process on this website:

– Information request: the vast majority of forms on the website are intended to inform you about a specific (fitness) program, the rates, offers or a specific question that you have asked yourself. For each form it is described what information you will receive. The requested data is limited to name, e-mail and telephone number in order to reach you for the requested information.

– Membership advice: do you want to know which membership or program suits you best? Then we need a little more information than name, e-mail and telephone number. We ask you to voluntarily answer a number of questions regarding your goals, wishes and expectations for membership. Your contact details in combination with these answers will only be used to subsequently inform and advise you about the most suitable membership.

– Introductory appointment: both an information request and membership advice can be followed up with an invitation to make an online introductory appointment. If you decide to do this (voluntarily!), your personal data will be used to confirm the appointment time you have chosen by e-mail/telephone/sms.

– Newsletter: you may sign up for the newsletter. This is always done through a mandatory double opt-in. After registering, you will periodically receive the newsletter by e-mail to provide you with the services and general information about Enforce.

– Registration form: we may also use a registration form in which we request more personal data than name, e-mail and telephone number. The registration form serves to give you the opportunity to become a member/customer of Enforce digitally and complies with all relevant legislation. After registration we will contact you by phone. You always have the right to cancel your registration within the statutory cooling-off period.

After receiving the data, we will then contact you by e-mail, text message and/or telephone to provide you with the requested information.

2. Duration of storage of personal data
Personal data is not stored longer than strictly necessary. For all regular contact forms (purpose 1, 2 and 3 as described above), data will be deleted 12 months after provision. We are then certain that there has been sufficient opportunity to inform you about what you have left your personal data for. With a newsletter registration, we keep your data as long as you are registered, you can actively unsubscribe at any time via a link in the newsletter. With an online registration form to become a customer / member of our company, we store your personal data throughout the entire membership in order to be able to implement the agreement. Even if your data has been removed from the information and/or newsletter database in the meantime.

3. Security
Your personal data is safe. The entrusted data is secured using technical and administrative security measures to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. This includes firewalls, encryption of data, secure connections and physical and administrative access controls to the data and servers.

4. Provision of personal data to third parties
Enforce collaborates with third parties to make the information you request accessible. Think of a website manager, hosting party, automatic telephone connection, newsletter system and administration software. An important partner is, part of marketing agency Hidden Profits Marketing. This website ensures that we as a company can get in touch with you as a consumer and therefore processes / has access to your data. A so-called Processor Agreement has been concluded with all parties involved. This agreement guarantees, among other things, the security and timely deletion of your personal data.

5. Right to access, rectify, withdraw or delete personal data
We would like to draw your attention to the possibility to view, rectify, withdraw and/or delete the personal data stored by us on request from our database. Send an e-mail to

6. The right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority
Do you disagree with the privacy statement described above or the way in which we handle your data? You then have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This can be done via (NL) / (BE)

This privacy statement can be changed at any time. We recommend that you consult the privacy statement regularly.