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Franchise Netherlands

We are looking for the best personal trainers. The absolute goal killers who want to start their own business or expand from a hobby into a real business based on the successful and innovative Enforce franchise formula. Do you have what it takes to become an Enforce Master Trainer, is decisive action in your DNA, do you think in the shortest way from A to B, is good not good enough for you and are you ready for your next level, then we are looking for you !

Enforce® is a young, fast-growing franchise organization with a successful training method and a focus on High-End Training & Coaching. We currently have 15 branches, this year we will grow to 24 branches. The costs and investments are relatively low and the returns are high, the formula has proven that with the right mind set and full commitment, the branches are running profitably within six months. The goal of our organization is to be the market leader in the High-End segment in the Netherlands within two years.

As an Enforce Mastertrainer and franchisee you are a real boss, you manage your own company and you become part of a strong brand, a fast-growing and profitable organization and you receive full support on all fronts from day 1.

Together with you, we draw up a solid business plan and marketing plan, so that you can start your business in no time and gain fame in your own municipality as quickly as possible. With a consistent marketing and advertising policy, we roll out the Enforce brand and formula together and increase brand awareness so that you can do what you are really good at: coaching, training and creating results with your participants. You take care of the training, recruiting participants and administration in your own municipality. You will be supported, trained and coached in this by Enforce, there is continuous personal and professional support from the franchise organization before, during and after the opening in which you will be strengthened in your master trainer, leader and entrepreneurship.

– you create a very powerful life for yourself and others;
– thinks in terms of possibilities and acts decisively;
– want to develop yourself explosively;
- are willing to make growth choices over and over again;
– gives 100% commitment;
– goes hard for results.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Register below quickly for a personal meeting in which we see if there is a match and go through the possibilities and conditions with you.