• HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU STARTED AND STOPPED? You've probably already tried starting running. You start running fanatically, without a plan and real dedication and if the weather is bad one evening or you've had a busy day, you postpone your training. Before you know it, you're skipping workouts and completely checked out. The result is not forthcoming and you are back in the same circle again. Simply starting to run is often against your better judgment in an attempt to justify your own behavior for a while. Constantly starting and then stopping again doesn't work. By just doing something you greatly increase the risk of injury and reduce the chance of achieving anything. Do you know what running technique is, what your posture should be and how you should balance to really run? Before you know it, you are sitting on the couch at home with a lack of motivation or an injury and you lose sight of what is important to you.
  • ENFORCE RUN EXPERIENCE. We know better than anyone how you feel and how complicated it seems to start running, to keep going or to reach that ultimate goal. We succeeded too. 'The Enforce way'. We are here! We are there to teach you to be in charge and to choose what is really important to you. Go a step further than you would normally go and see how much impact you can make on your own life and that of those around you. Choose that stick behind the door and learn how to run really well. Our run coaches will teach you everything. They look at how you move and what you can improve, they push you to the limit, but they also teach you to enjoy running. We have 3 powerful, exclusive programs so that you can be part of our Enforce community, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced runner. Together with other Enforcers, you challenge yourself to the maximum every training and you all have the same goal; Surpass yourself every day and work hard towards where you want to go. In our start-up group you will learn to run 5 km within 3-6 months, and 10 km should also be possible. You then have the opportunity to expand this further and start living your full potential. Our 3rd program is our marathon trajectory, the experience of a lifetime if you really want to Enforce yourself. Being in control is not complicated. The power of change lies within yourself. To achieve such powerful results, we only work with people who have the guts to choose for themselves, for growth and want to achieve the highest possible. “Be the person who decided to go for it”.
  • OUR PROMISE. Give us 100% and we promise you'll be challenged like you've never been challenged before. We confront you like you've never been mirrored before and we listen to you like no one has ever listened to you before. Join us and stop all the bullshit. Choose yourself, do what it takes to achieve your running goals. You are worth it!


Enforce run level 1 | 5-10 km leren hardlopen, Get fit
Enforce run level 1 | Learn to run 5-10 km, Get fit
Enforce run level 2 | 5-10 km verbeteren, Be fit
Enforce run level 2 | Improve 5-10 km, Be fit
Enforce run masterprogramma | halve of hele marathon, Topfit
Enforce run master program | half or full marathon, Topfit