• STRUGGLE WITH YOURSELF NO MORE How fit and healthy do you really feel? We're guessing there's a good chance you're struggling with balance in your life. That you have trouble keeping up with something and don't experience any time for yourself. You are always busy with others and feel insecure about choices that need to be made. When you live in these types of patterns you have little energy to live what is really important to you. An unhealthy lifestyle causes much more than just obesity. The risk of serious diseases increases, you become insecure, experience fear and you live a mediocre life. Why do you choose mediocrity and not live your full potential? Have you ever thought about that?
  • DO WHAT IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. We know better than anyone how you feel and how complicated it seems to change, maintain something or achieve a goal. We succeeded too. 'The Enforce way'. We are here! We are there to teach you to be in charge and to choose what is really important to you. Go a step further than you would normally go and see how much impact you can make on your own life and that of those around you. Give yourself a fit and healthy body. Being in control is not complicated. The power of change lies within yourself. You are not the way you are and it is not right the way it is. Work for it! Have the courage to choose yourself, choose growth and become the most powerful version of yourself. We know you can do better.
  • ENFORCE FIT EXPERIENCE. Enforce fit is a high-end sports experience and helps you step by step to create the life you want. We have 3 powerful, exclusive programs so that you can be part of our Enforce community, both as an absolute beginner and as an advanced athlete. Together with other Enforcers, you challenge yourself to the maximum every training and you all have the same goal; Surpass yourself every day and work hard towards where you want to go. To achieve such powerful results, we only work with people who are really willing to break patterns, want to be in control and are proud of this. Go-getters who want to work hard. People who have the balls to choose for themselves and make a very conscious choice to be the way they want to be. “No goal was achieved without a little sweat”.
  • OUR PROMISE. Give us 100% and we promise you'll be challenged like you've never been challenged before. We confront you like you've never been mirrored before and we listen to you like no one has ever listened to you before. Join us and stop all the bullshit. Choose yourself, do what it takes to achieve your goals. You are worth it!


Enforce fit level 1 | Get fit
Enforce fit level 1 | Get fit
Enforce fit level 2 | Be fit
Enforce fit level 2 | Get fit
Enforce fit masterprogramma | Top fit
Enforce fit master program | Top fit
Enforce fit 60 dagen challenge | Zomer fit
Enforce fit 60 day challenge | Summer fit