Monday Master Blog: Calling all superheroes!

Voices…. Every day around 60,000 thoughts go through your head. You don't notice most of them, but if you did, there would be a lot of hustle and bustle! They are your opinions, the pre-programmed norms and values that were once planted in your head.

I have written about the reptilian brain before, you can find this blog here click here. This ensures that you have a certain image of yourself and want to maintain it. It strives to remain as comfortable as possible where you stand. On the other hand, you will continue to seek out challenges to improve yourself through yourself, your environment and your work.

These two things are very contradictory. For example, you really want to lose 12 kilograms, but you can't resist having a dessert with whipped cream. Your reptilian brain wants food, but your neocortex tells you that it is wiser not to take it, so that you actually get the energy you crave. If you want to know more about which nutritional choices are smart to make, you can go here click here Watch the webinar by franchisee Hanne de Wachter about nutrition.

So it is important to make a real promise to yourself. Promises come in different forms: You have a criminal promise. That is a promise that you make to yourself or someone else, but which you immediately know that you are not going to keep. The empty promise is one that you say you are going to do, you also have the intention, but you do not carry it out.

And then we have the most powerful promise and that is the commitment: You say you are going to do something, you do it and hold yourself to it until the result is there.

It happens that you have a black spot for these promises. You may often say things you don't mean to please those around you. Or perhaps yourself. To make that black spot visible, it is good to take a brutally honest look at yourself and or start a conversation with a coach.

Of course those votes keep coming. The worst one is: “You know you're not going to keep it up again, so why are you still doing it”. Get over that. Remember that this voice is spoken by a crazy caricature with a ditto voice. Make that thought as ridiculous as possible.

You can! You are your own superhero. But make sure you portray yourself that way. Your point B, your ultimate goal, is achieved by making the most powerful promise to yourself. Make a plan and stick to it. Imagine yourself as you are when you have achieved this goal. Live by it.

You know where to find us if you need someone to mirror your behavior.

Petra Kerkhove
Enforce Franchisee & Master Trainer

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