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Sign up for one free and non-binding coaching session with the master trainers from Enforce. As a proud main sponsor, we also want to give something back to everyone who participates vv Oosterhout is involved.

We think it is important that our children take good care of themselves and exercise enough. A great opportunity to get the most out of yourself or to really start now. This gives you energy, strength and more perseverance. To motivate you in this, we have a special promotion for parents of VVO members and other stakeholders.


All programs are a combination of personal training, guidance and small group training.

We are Enforce!

We know better than anyone how you feel and how complicated it seems to change. But we also succeeded, the Enforce way. We are here! We are here to teach you to be in charge and to choose what is really important to you. And that's not complicated. The power of change is simply within you. You are not who you are and it is not good as it is. Work for it! Have the guts to choose for yourself, for growth and become the most powerful version of yourself. Stop procrastinating and delaying your goals, it frustrates and takes a shitload of time.

We show you why a healthy and fit body is important to you.
We will let you stop with the reasons and excuses why you keep postponing this or not achieving it.
We let you experience effective training, a smart approach to nutrition (no diet) and powerful coaching so that you can get the most out of life with a fit, strong body.

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Take the first step towards a healthier & fitter life via a no-obligation coaching conversation with me or one of the other Enforce master trainers. The conversation is 100% free and risk-free, so don't delay any longer and choose the most powerful version of yourself today.


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